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    I was wearing a new necklace that was sent to me by two Parisian ladies, Elisabeth and Cecile who have launched a jewellery business together called Elicce. I’m very happy to introduce them to you because they fit my theme of supporting women over 40 who are launching their own business. They have worked together as interior designers for years, often travelling to India to source furnishings. During their trips they discovered jewellers working with precious and semi-precious stones. They started commissioning pieces for themselves, then for friends and before they knew it, they had a flourishing side business...

    Midlife Chic recommends Elicce Jewelry

    Last week I showed you the silver and dry sapphire necklace that was sent to me by Parisian brand Elicce. When they first contacted me, they invited me to choose two pieces and this is my absolute favourite. You know by now that I like my jewellery to have meaning so when I saw this set of five rings that are designed to be worn together, it made my heart beat faster because, of course, there are five of us in our family. I haven’t taken them off since they arrived.

    Midlife Chic wearing Elicce ring

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