Take care of your jewels

The quality of Elicce Paris jewellery is guaranteed, but we still recommend having good habits for good care of your jewellery.

You will find hereafter, some of the care tips that Elizabeth and Cécile recommend:

  • Have the habit of removing jewellery when washing your hands, doing sports or performing any activity with sudden movements that may cause shock or friction between your jewellery that could damage them.
  • To enhance the brightness and colour of gemstones, clean them from time to time. If you notice that your jewel looses brightness or colour, wash it with soap and water using a soft brush to penetrate everywhere. Then dry with a soft cloth. You'll see an immediate result. It's magic!
  • Avoid contact with chemicals: laundry detergent or dishwasher, solvent ... and also perfumes and shampoos. Be also careful with the pool water! Chlorinated water can damage jewellery in the long term.
It is very easy to give long life to your jewellery with good habits!