Elicce, a love story

Elicce - Les Créatrices


Elisabeth Malphettes and Cécile Tournier have been working together for several years on interior design projects that brought them to travel abroad to India. Once there, they discovered the potential and capabilities of the work of Indians artisans on jewellery and semi-precious stones.

Jewels that have an inherited ancestral soul of Indian tradition and healing virtues of precious stones.

Thanks to their aesthetics and sensitivity for the elegance, the two designers knew how to recognize the excellent quality of work in the modest workshops of New Delhi artisans.

Totally seduced by the environment, they began to design and manufacture jewellery in a beginning for themselves. When they came back to France with their new jewels, this surprised and amazed their Parisian circle of friends. Thus, in such enthusiasm, they decided to design a small collection of jewellery exclusively for friends ... and created Elicce Paris.

Totalmente seducidas por el entorno, empezaron a diseñar y fabricar joyas para ellas mismas que sorprendieron y maravillaron a su círculo de amigas parisinas. Así, ante tanto entusiasmo, decidieron diseñar una pequeña colección de joyas exclusivamente para amistades... así nació Elicce.

Jewellery created for women to feel good with themselves at every moment of their life.

Elisabeth and Cécile travel regularly to India to choose first hand the gems that adorn their collections, and select the artisans that will make them.

The quality and aesthetics of each piece is closely controlled and verified by themselves in the same way and with the same care as they did when creating jewellery for themselves at the beginning of this adventure.

Who better than two women to understand what suits women?